In order to achieve our main aim, we are focusing on four working areas:


In order to have successful blockchain community, our main objective is to provide our beneficiaries with extensive education regarding blockchain technologies. Workshops, seminars, blockchain academy, internships and etc. will be provided with support from our partners and co-operators. One of the foundation’s characteristic will be CodingLab, where we will provide participants with the opportunity to have hands on experience and become part of our products and services.


Promotion goal is to create blockchain friendly environment thought various channels of advertising. At the same time, we find highly important to move overall community around blockchain technologies to meet-up, exchange experience, co-operate and accelerate processes of technology implementation.


Based on identified needs and in close cooperation with various sectors within society, we will provide services and solutions, based on blockchain technology. Those services will deliver, at the same time, commercial and social values to the community. Users of services are financial, administrative, tourist, educational, private business, non-commercial and other sectors.


As an outcome of our CodingLab we will provide our users with final products based on blockchain technology. Product will be identified in two ways, as our initiatives, which are coming from within foundation and as a joint project with our partners and service users.

Our first product on what MBF is currently working is Cryptoxchange project. You can find more about project on www.cryptoxchange.world


Montenegro Blockchain Foundation is finally out of development phase. We are aiming on creating digital enhanced society, through usage of blockchain technologies. Main tools for achievement of this aim are: creation of blockchain community, education opportunities, and blockchain based services and products which are tackling identified needs of the society.

Vojislav Jovanovic

Blockchain and crypto currency enthusiast with over 10 years of experience in IT industry, mainly in area of networking, printing solutions and document management systems. One of the MBF founders. 

Ivan Jolicic

International brands CEO with long term experience in telecommunications and international markets, as well as passionate crypto currencies researcher and blockchain pioneer. Ivan is one of the MBF founders, too.

Goran Garcevic​

Core coding part of the team, blockchain and crypto enthusiast with experience in variety of programing languages and broad knowledge in area of internet security and cryptology. Founder and coder of Softmarket.me project. Co-founder of MBF.


Specialist in financial sector, loans and leasing execution, bankruptcy and financial forensic, with more than 10 year experience in banking and exchange sector and also researcher of legal and financial aspect of crypto currencies exchange markets. Co-founder of MBF.

Montenegro Blockchain Foundation is based in Montenegro,
with members and partners on regional and worldwide level

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